Monday, January 19, 2009

Warner Brothers ki aisi taisi

So I saw a movie that set a new benchmark for hindi movies. The tragedy is its not new heights but new lows.

So I saw Chandni Chowk to China yesterday. And I can definitely say its one of the worst ER saw. It was a movie where when we finally had the break, people actually wished it was the ending and felt pity for themselves that there was another hour plus of the movie left.

The story is quite senseless. It withers, walllows and meanders.

The biggest issue is the movie director could not figure out which genre he was creating.
Its like a senseless comedy and a major tragedy all combined and rapid changes between the two formats. It appears to be a film for kids, yet a kid sitting in the row front literally begged his mom to take him back home. The so called Hollywood special effects are quite pathetic excuses for stunts. The good and bad guardian angels on a persons shoulders went out of fashion after JFK's time.

I wonder which idiot critic gave it it 4.5 stars. For me,I would demand compensation for the time wasted watching the senseless crap.

Avoid it. Unless you have nothing to do.

Hell! Avoid it even then.


life of pi said...

omigod i cant believe how pathetic that movie was. will be writing my scathing review later =)

Ace said...

Ha haa


Guess you should read my blog more often.

But seriously this movie made me question why had I started watching
hindi movies.

So hom much did the ticket cost you.

I had to pay 50 bucks for the ticket and 250 bucks for an idiotic parking offence